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Ideal for K-12 Schools or College Graduation Venues is a nationwide distributor of National Public Seating Portable Stages & Choral Risers and deep-discount NPS Choral Risers & Portable Stages. And if that isn't enough, we promise to match or beat any current published price… offers the most complete line of National Public Seating's Stages & Accessories on the internet. And proud of our 98% on-time delivery record.

National Public Seating has broadened it's line of public seating products to include a full array of Stages & Risers fill the needs of assembly requirements and performance applications. Whether your venue requires single height portable stages, multiple levels, or entire stage configuration, NPS offers affordable prices, quick ship and superior craftsmanship to provide you with the best value. Combine Stages of the same height to construct one large stage, or use progressive heights for Seated Band or Choral Riser configurations. Outfitted with installed ganging to easily connect units to create a large stage or multi level riser. Choose from Hardboard surface or carpeted in your choice of Blue, Green, Grey or Red.

Built with 16 gauge steel frames and premium grade plywood core, these carpeted or hardboard stages are durable and portable. Legs are made with 14 gauge tubular steel and outfitted with spring-loaded easy to open/close support brackets, for quick set-up and safe use.

Portable Seated Riser configurations in Ring, Oval, or Bow styles are put together using multiple stage sets and pie-shaped units & are ideal for events that require choir/band participants attention guided to the center. Also great for maintaining an organized appearance at performances and to help facilitate instruction during practice. Guardrails are included for safety.

Portable Choral Standing Risers are also easy to set-up and allow for quick arrangement for all performance venues. Units easily attach to one another to provide multi-level heights. Available in both straight and tapered units allowing for continuous or semi-circle arrangements. Guardrails are recommended for safety.

The Trans-port Riser unit eliminates the need to set-up multi level risers. The Trans-port is a unitized three-level carpeted choral riser that conveniently allows set-up in seconds. Unit is outfitted with built-in wheels making it easy to transport from room to room and load into a vehicle. Built with 14 gauge legs our unit is strong, safe and durable. The Trans-port is built with aluminum frames making it much lighter than a steel frame unit but is just as strong. Multiple units can be connected, using our straight or tapered units, to create a variety of configurations.

Accessories include Stage Dollies, Steps, Guardrails (recommended for safety) & Skirting. The Dolly allows you to conveniently store and transport up to six stages; 36" or 48" from place to place, safely. Built with 14 gauge tubular steel and rolls on four 5 inch casters. Steps are made of high grade plywood edged in vinyl T-molding. Polypropylene textured Grey surface and handrails prevent users from slipping. The Black frame is built with 14 gauge steel tubing and clamps securely to the stage at any point. Unit rolls on two wheels for easy set-up.

Choose one of three convenient heights to match 16", 24" & 32" Stage setups. Guardrails are recommended while using any of our stages or risers to ensure safety, & are available in different sizes to accommodate your setup. Black in color, they assemble & install easily. Shirred or Box Pleat style skirting is available in multiple sizes & colors & includes mating Velcro.

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Staging for all Ceremonies & Graduations


National Public Seating Corp.


Platform: Constructed with a 3/4" thick solid plywood core, the riser shall be surfaced with one of the following:

Option 1: Carpet Option 2: 1/8" thick tempered hardboard The edges of the platform shall be routed to allow the frame to fit flush with the top surface and cover the ends of the carpeting.


16 gauge, 1-13/16" high formed steel channel frame shall be reinforced with 16 gauge steel angle welded to the inside of the channel. The angle shall provide a continuous support to which the decking is secured with screws placed a maximum of 9" apart. The frame shall completely enclose the top, bottom and edges of the decking perimeter preventing the decking from becoming loose and damaged. All areas where frame parts are joined together shall be reinforce with steel plates attached with rivets.

Leg Structure:

Each leg structure shall be constructed if 1.05" diameter, 14 gauge steel tubing capped at the point of floor contact with high impact plastic glides. The vertical load bearing members shall be joined at the top by full width, steel tube to provide maximum support to the stage deck. The top of each leg assembly shall fold open and closed, using 16 gauge steel saddle clips that are secured with at least four screws. Leg assemblies shall be braced by friction type braces, equipped with a spring locking device to secure the legs in the open and closed position. Braces shall be secured to the leg assembly with rivets and to the deck using 8 screws installed through the decking. Legs shall open and close using only one hand. Gravity ring type brace locks are not acceptable.

Ganging: Stages and risers shall be equipped with drop-in couplings that allow units of the same or different heights to be joined together. All ganging devices shall be permanently secured to each unit. Ganging devices that is not permanently attached are not acceptable.

Finish: All metal parts are to be finished with a black thermofused epoxy powdercoating.

Capacity: All metal parts shall be designed to carry a uniform live load of at least 200 lbs. per square foot.

Portability:Stages and risers shall be capable of being completely set-up and taken apart quickly, without the need for tools, by two peopleof average strength.

Warranty: Stages and risers shall be covered by 10- year warranty.

TRANS-PORT General: Risers shall consist of three 18" wide levels, 8", 16" and 24" high that are permanently joined with hinge mechanisms to enable the unit to open and close in a unified fashion. Each unit shall be equipped with wheels for easy transportation when folded and to allow for easy positioning after the unit has been set up.


Riser levels shall be supported by a 3" deep, double walled, extruded anodized aluminum frame that overlaps the top of each level to protect the carpet edge. 2 screws and lock nuts per bracket shall be used to secure hinge to frame. Frames must be joined with welded 5/16" bolt hinge. Platform

Riser platforms shall be constructed of 3/4" thick plywood, surfaced with polyolefin carpet.

Foldability: Risers shall be easily foldable and shall be easy to transport form place to place by an adult of average strength.

Ganging:Risers shall easily attach to each otherwithout lifting unit by connecting gangingcord onto latch underneath the adjoining riser.

Optional Guardrails:

Guardrails shall be constructed of black epoxy powdercoated tubular steel and shall be equipped with clamp-on attachments for easy installation. Guardrail must attach to unit using bolt.

Warranty: Trans-port risers shall be covered by 5-year warranty.