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Science Lab Tables

Plain Apron Science Tables for K-12 Schools & Colleges

Plain apron tables are available in a variety of sizes, with several different top materials. These tables are built for years of dependable service. Legs and aprons are constructed of solid red oak, and are smoothly machined. They are finished with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish. Aprons are constructed of solid red oak and are 13.16"D x 4-1.2"H with heavy-duty 13-gauge steel corner braces. 2-1.4" square solid oak legs, with 5.16" hanger bolts installed, are attached to apron with nuts and washers supplied.

All tables are equipped with non-skid adjustable glides for precise leveling and for prevention of rocking on uneven floors. Tables are supplied with black rubber leg boots which offer protection against scuffing and chemical spills. Standard table height is 30", with a weight capacity of 500 lbs. (Shipped KD with tops attached)

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Diversified Science Lab Furniture

Science Table Construction

Corner Braces

Our table aprons have heavy-duty 13-gauge steel corner braces. They span the height of the apron and are dadoed and screwed into the apron. The leg is held in place with a hanger bolt, nut and lock washer to ensure a tight fit.

Top Attachments

Tables are shipped with the tops attached by inserting screws through a minimum of ten pocket holes. This method is extremely strong and is essential for the table's stability.

Leg Boots

Our tables come with thick rubber leg boots that stay secure when the table is moved. These boots protect the legs from water and chemicals.

Legs and Aprons

are constructed of solid red oak and are smoothly machined and finished with acrylic finish. Book compartment aprons are constructed of solid oak and are 13/16"D x 4-1/2"H with heavy-duty 13 gauge steel corner braces. Book compartments measure 14-1/4"W x 3-7/8"H x 12-3/4"D. 2-1/4" square oak legs with 5/16" hanger bolts installed are attached to apron with nuts and washers supplied.

All tables are equipped with non-skid adjustable glides for precise leveling and rubber leg boots. Tops are screwed to the tables at the factory.

(4) Worksurface Compositions with Recommendations

GOOD. 1-1/4" HP Durable Chemical Resistant Plastic Laminate is used for art, general purpose and lower elementary science.

is widely used for student science tables. It offers an excellent work surface that wears exceptionally well under normal use. Plastic laminate has superior resistance to scratching, with limited resistance to high temperatures and severe chemicals. Top construction consists of permanently bonding a .050 thick sheet of ARP High Pressure Laminate to a 45 lb. density industrial grade particle board core, bottom is covered with a .040" thick brown phenolic backer sheet to properly balance the resulting panel, maximizing it’s resistance to warping. Technical data: exceeds 1800 wear cycles and 66 inches impact resistance. Edges of top are finished with vandal resistant T-molding. Corners have 1-3/4” radius. Color: black.

BETTER. 1-1/4" Chemguard Chemical Resistant Laminate is used primarily in elementary and middle schools.

incorporates the decorative features of high pressure laminate into a durable, chemical resistant surfacing material. Tests prove ChemGuard™ has outstanding chemical resistance, plus significantly better NEMA wear value than competitive laminates. ChemGuard™ even has a Class 1 fire rating. A 3mm PVC molding is applied with heat sensitive adhesive to create an attractive waterproof and durable edge. Color: black.

BEST. 1" Solid Phenolic Resin is used in middle and high schools, colleges and industry.

is a composite thermo-fused under heat and pressure to form a solid black chemical resistant composite throughout the entire thickness of the top. It is designed for use as counter tops, pegboards and reagent racks. Phenolic Resin will not stain or etch when exposed to most chemicals or solvents. Phenolic Resin exhibits no effect with subjected to these common laboratory chemicals: Nitric Acid 30%, Acetic Acid 98%, Hydrofluoric Acid 48%, Sulfuric Acid 33%, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Phosphoric Acid 85% and others. Color: black.

BEST. 1" Solid Epoxy Resin is for all science lab venues and is impervious to normal lab chemicals and heat.

is impervious to normal laboratory chemicals and heat. It’s monolithic composition eliminates the possibility of swelling, delamination, and exposure of the substrate. It’s soft, low glare surface is simple to clean. Solid Epoxy Resin exhibits no effect when subjected to these common laboratory chemicals: Nitric Acid 70%, Acetic Acid (glacial), Hydrochloric Acid 20%, Sulfuric Acid 60%, Methyl Alcohol, Toluene, Benzene, and others. Solid Epoxy Resin is solid, homogeneous, molded from modified epoxy resins, completely oven cured during processing. It is extremely durable and completely impervious to moisture. Exposed edges and corners are finished with a 1/8" bevel. Color: black.